Why do you cry?


A sad opening scene in the movie Up

People get emotional and tear up over sad movies, books, and songs all the time. Just today, my friend told me she cried for three minutes over a sad scene on Grey’s Anatomy and even sent me a video of her crying. To me, it was pretty entertaining.

To be completely honest, I envy people who can get attached to a movie, book, or song, and get really emotional. For some reason, I rarely cry from a fictional creation. Even though I realize it is a beautiful, sad scene, there is always a cold, rational part of me saying, “This is fiction.”

In the movie Up, I admit the opening scene between Ellie and Carl was “tear-worthy.” It showed the time passing from their marriage to Ellie’s death in a realistic, sad view. After watching the scene, I knew it was a very touching and silent four minutes, but I could not cry.

I thought about why I can’t cry over emotional scenes. It’s because it didn’t relate to me. When watching the movie Up, I would’ve most likely cried if I was married. Or if I had even thought about being married and left behind by someone I loved.

I want to share, however, a Japanese/English song called Irony by Vocaloid that I cried while listening to. One part of the song speaks,

“Everything I aspired to be is nothing that will become of me
If my expectations are too far-fetched then just what am I       to do?
Give a sign, give a sign, a reason not to die, give me a   chance to prove my worth
I constantly search for a place to cry
Why won’t these tears just stop pouring from my eyes?”

At the time, I was feeling emotional and confused because even when I gave it my all, I felt like it was never enough. I thought, “What am I doing? Why am I here? When will it ever be enough? Will I have to live the rest of my life feeling like this?” When I encountered this song, I cried uncontrollably. I normally don’t get emotional over songs or movies but this time I did. Because it related to my life.


Essentially, it comes to a conclusion that everyone is somewhat self-centered. If something relates to us, we would cry or get emotional. If it doesn’t relate, people “won’t care much,” to be honest.

If there’s a school shooting in the same state as us, we’ll get scared and panic. We will think, “What if the shooters come to our school?” If there was a terrorist attack in another country, we are afraid that they’ll come to OUR country and the places we live in.

If we take away the self-centered mind and began caring about others even if it doesn’t relate to ourselves, imagine the positive impact if would have on us globally. No wars, no bombings, no hate. Only peace.




2 thoughts on “Why do you cry?

  1. I got to say. Reading the beginning made me think of you as a pretty heartless person. A robot so to speak. But towards the end, you added a flow to meaningfulness in life and how people are all affected by things differently. This is a nice post and your word flow is spot on.


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